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meet the team

Monica Corcoran

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I am an award-winning storyteller, community builder, and digital strategist. Most recently, I was the founding director of Your Shot—National Geographic’s photo community—which grew to nearly 900 thousand members and over eight million images under my leadership. Prior to joining National Geographic, I spent 11 years at U.S. News & World Report magazine, where I started as an intern in the photo department and left as the senior photo editor for the Money & Business section. 

I'm excited to "officially" work with these wonderful women because we've been creating stories together since we
were kids—and it's high time
we shared them!

Sara Chauhan

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I'm passionate about storytelling in its many forms. I love to explore the world and share its stories. I’ve walked many paths professionally: service industry & management; freelance writer, editor,
& photographer; elementary school educator; publisher. But my roles as a traveller, teacher, and storyteller are what define me as a creative and shape me as an empathetic human.
I truly believe that a single story 
can inspire people to 
explore and dream, reach
and discover, 
and even change the world!
So what's your story?

Megan Bradley

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I love smart, strong graphics, clean lines, and am a sucker for a good pattern! Don’t even get me started about typography and paper weight…

As a graphic designer I have more than 20 years in the industry, from advertising, to print media, to publishing, and have worked with some of the most talented event designers in the business.


And now, launching tMonk Ink,
I get to create strong graphics with good patterns and clean lines, along with these smart and talented women with a mission!